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Specialist Products for Damp Proofing / Timber Treatment / Basement Conversion / Structural Repair

The UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist products for the building and preservation industries.

Founded in 1934, Wykamol Group Ltd has been the market leader in the provision and development of products for the remedial treatment industry for almost 80 years.

Damp Proofing Products

Rising damp is a common problem, either because no damp proof course (DPC) has been installed, or because a physical membrane has failed or been bridged. In the majority of cases the provision of a remedial DPC is a cost effective solution with minimal disturbance.

The range of damp proofing systems offered by Wykamol is unique in the field of property restoration … we offer an incredibly diverse and innovative range of solutions, many of which are approved by the BBA. All our chemical DPC systems are suitable for use in accordance with BS6576 and are manufactured under our ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Tanking – Cementitous Waterproofing

We offer a full range of products to meet your requirements for an effective tanking system. Our Hydradry and Hydraplug tanking system is BBA Approved for complete piece of mind. Our nationwide technical team are on hand to advise the best system for your structural waterproofing problem.

Timber Treatments

Our traditional building methods combined with a predominantly damp, temperate climate causes the UK housing stock to suffer some of the highest levels of risk from insect and fungal attack to structural timbers. It is considered good practice in building design to pre-treat timber with preservatives as a lifetime precaution against dry rot or woodworm.

Unfortunately, most traditional buildings (and a lot of relatively modern ones too) do not have the benefit of such protection and this combined with poor maintenance leads to many cases of timber decay identified during house surveys.

The Wykamol range of remedial wood preservatives and masonry biocides include some of the longest standing quality brand names in the UK market. Products such as Wykamol Plus, Woodtreat Paste and the Brunosol range are all industry benchmarks.

In more recent times we have developed the Microtech range of preservatives bringing revolutionary water-based technology to the remedial market.

Whatever your timber preservative needs, we can offer the widest choice and most up to date products in the industry today.

Structural Waterproofing

Basement conversions are increasingly popular and we have everything you need to complete the job. The key to success in any below ground conversion project is to ensure the area is completely waterproof – and that is where Wykamol’s expertise becomes invaluable.

Our high quality cavity drain membranes provide an air gap between the membrane and the wall, which allows any free water to run behind it. The membrane is mechanically fixes to the original sound wall surfaces, then overlaid with treated battens or other framing systems, on to which plasterboard can be fixed. Our extensive range of membrane types, from shallow studded Slimline profiles to deep cavity (20mm) flooring products allows a wide variety of situations to be dealt with providing tailored solutions.

Since the introduction of the British Standard for waterproofing structures below ground (BS8102:2009) the use of cavity drain membranes has become the most popular method of structural waterproofing in the UK.

When installing cavity drainage membranes careful attention must be given to providing a suitable drainage solution. Natural drainage is not normally possible or convenient in below ground situations, so mechanical drainage must be used.

Wykamol offer a large range of pumps, sumps, drainage channel and alarms for the control of water movement and can supply everything the contractor needs for basement conversion.

Structural Repair Solutions

Replacement Cavity Wall Ties

Wall ties are an essential element for the stability of a cavity wall structure, tying the outer weather protecting brick façade to the main body of the building. An effective wall tie system transfers static and live loads across the cavity, enabling load sharing by both inner and outer walls.

Cavity wall tie failure can be a consequence of a construction defect or the result of the aging process whereby corrosion has compromised the installed wall ties. Over time mortar joints, which host the wall ties, undergo a chemical change through carbonation. The mortar becomes aggressive to the base steel and its protective coatings, reducing the life expectancy of cavity tie systems to as little as 26 years.

Wykamol supply a complete range of remedial wall ties including the highly effective Thor Helical Remedial CD Ties along with more traditional neoprene and resin bonded ties.

Lateral Restraint Ties

Lateral restraint wall ties are used to restrain bulging walls. The ties are fitted from the outside of the property with minimal disturbance and are embedded into timber joists or studs. Each restraint tie has a drill like leading end for cutting into softwood and the tie is installed using an SDS drill and resin for fixing the masonry end.

Crack Repair

Thor Helical Remedial crack repair bars are specifically designed for masonry repair to cracked walls. Used in conjunction with our W60 Flexi Grout, the 6mm diameter Thor Helical Remedial wall crack stitching reinforcement bar offers extra performance to other helical bar type systems to significantly increase sheer, tensile and flexural strength of cracked masonry walls.

The hi-fin design also make the Thor Helical products ideal for grouting into mortar beds to retrospectively reinforce distressed masonry and to control cracking by distributing forces back into the structure. The various Thor Helical sections are directly proportionate to one another providing opportunity for cross correlation of performance characteristics to be used in specification design.


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