Basement Contractors Prepare for Christmas


As we leave 2016 behind it’s important to us here at Wykamol to keep in touch with our loyal customers. Moving into 2017 our concerns about the industry are very much in line with yours.

As many of us are winding down in December, our Technical Managers and a select group of dedicated contractors are continuing to strive for correct practice in the waterproofing field, with a constant emphasis on updating their technical knowledge. At this time of year especially, when severe weather conditions put our homes to the test, it is important that contractor’s knowledge is in line with British Standards.

Wykamol’s Technical Waterproofing Director David Jeffries, along with Phil Charles, Technical Manager for the North West, hosted a seminar for Wykamol Basement Contractors. David discussed BS8102, a document which outlines best practice when constructing below ground level, and how to protect these structures against water. 

David correctly pointed out that there is no such thing as a below ground level space without risk of damp or flooding. We need only look at the effects of 2012 to see areas of the UK devastated by flooding, resulting in the Met Office issuing Red Alert on the afternoon of July 7th. This terrible weather continued into the winter and the beginning of 2013. The media coverage of these devastating floods resulted in homeowners becoming more aware of the dangers of flooding, even in structures previously considered impervious to flooding and damp. ‘Prevention is better than correction,’ as David Jeffries shrewdly points out. ‘The costs of rectifying flood damage far exceed the initial cost of preventing such outcomes.’

Below ground structures are pushed to their limits during times of flooding, and as David explained in his presentation, there are only two causes of damp proofing and flooding prevention failure. Failures will only occur if poor workmanship is apparent or if the materials used are inadequate or poorly manufactured. With a combination of David Jeffries’ expertise and Wykamol’s extensive products with BBA approval, contractors are certain to implement a successful system when completing a basement project.

The morning seminar was followed by an excellent hot buffet lunch in Oscar’s Restaurant at The Red Hall Hotel. Phil Charles expressed the desire to make these seminars a regular occurrence, to keep contractors up-to-date with the latest in building standards, share common experiences within the basement conversion industry and promote best practice. Phil explains he has no qualms in recommending the contractors who regularly attend Wykamol Contractor seminars: ‘We know their technical information is up to date and David and I are always available to get involved in the design stage for waterproofing projects.’

AquaSafe AlarmIn the afternoon session David and Phil welcomed a guest speaker from Edincare, Jerry Madigan, to discuss Wykamol’s new basement alarm monitor. Aquasafe is an advanced alarm system which will notify the homeowner of high water levels, giving them more time to act and potentially preventing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Jerry demonstrated how to properly install the Aquasafe alarm and highlighted its features, one of which is the handy service indicator, reminding homeowners to have their pump regularly serviced to prevent blockages. Jerry has worked closely with Wykamol for many years, and as always was a well-received speaker.

Many seasoned and first-time attenders expressed the belief that these meetings allow communication of valuable information, the chance to meet likeminded contractors and learn about new project opportunities. David Jeffries and Phil Charles would like to thank all who attended, and they look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting. We ask that you check our website for these dates in 2017.

22nd December 2016, 13:00
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