Basement Conversion at Manchester's Royal Mills


The towering Royal Mill in Ancoats, Manchester, has a history dating back more than a hundred years and has been a Grade II Listed Building since 1988. For many of the intervening years, the building was left to decay but, after a £65m restoration scheme carried out by ING Real Estate, it was sympathetically converted for use as shops, offices and apartments and is now known as Royal Mills (as the development also includes nearby Kennedy and Paragon Mill).

In 1912, Royal Mill was constructed using terracotta and Accrington brick, along with cast-iron columns and concrete floors, in a Baroque (Edwardian) style. With a superb location close to the city centre and right next to the Rochdale Canal which was used to provide power and transport links, the mill thrived and became one of the most important of its type in the country. Sadly, the mill fell into disuse as the textile industry waned and remained so until work began on ING's restoration scheme.

The comprehensive restoration project received a coveted award in 2007 from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. By 2008, the building was beginning to be occupied and is now a thriving hub. Royal Mill continues to grow and evolve; the latest step in this development is a basement conversion to house more commercial offices, providing much-needed space for the ever-growing city-centre population to work. Wykamol, working in close partnership with main contractor H20 Remedial Services, are advising on the complex and delicate waterproofing specifications for the project.

H20 Remedial Services, a member of the Association of Accredited Wykamol Users, specialise in building restoration and preservation. Ian Ogden, Surveyor and Managing Director at the company, has been involved in the field for more than 25 years, building up a vast wealth of experience that has allowed him to expertly guide H2O in the restoration and preservation of a range of diverse buildings from churches and hospitals to private residences and commercial spaces.

The commercial offices being created in the beautiful basement of the building will be available for sale or rent and will welcome a fresh influx of professionals to the up-and-coming area that has become known as Ancoats Urban Village.

In order to ensure that the basement area is fully waterproofed, it will be essential that a comprehensive and detailed plan is created by H2O. This plan will include the use of several Wykamol products, including cavity drain membranes, to professionally facilitate its completion.

We look forward to seeing the project progress - please check back soon for updates or subscribe to our regular, feature-packed newsletter.

12th June 2014, 11:00
Page updated 29th Nov 2014, 06:57
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