Brunolene PS

Brunolene PS


Brunolene PS is a BBA Approved alkaline-stable wax emulsion designed in particular for use in weaker sand/cement mixes (6:1) or sand:lime:cement mixes (6:1:1). This is particularly useful when working with weak substrates. Also suitable for use in Wykamol Renovating Plaster or to improve the moisture resistance of proprietary perlite-based plasters such as Limelite cement backing.

It is common in a wall suffering from rising damp for salts carried in the water to concentrate in the wall. As the wall dries out following insertion of a damp-proof course these salts may be deposited on or near the surface and can give rise to efflorescence. If the salts are hygroscopic, damp patches may also develop when the ambient humidity is high unless steps are taken to emeliorate the problems. Failure to do so may allow or give rise to other dampness problems of a more persistent nature. It is essential, therefore, that a suitable re-plastering schedule is adopted following the insertion of a damp-proof course. Brunolene PS, a vapour permeable re-plastering additive, is designed to minimise the passage of liquid water through the pore structure of cement renders, thereby preventing the transfer of salts to the surface.

Re-plastering should be carried out as long as possible after the insertion of the remedial damp-proof course. Ideally the new plaster should be applied to dry walls, but in any case a drying period of at least 14 days should be allowed between installation and replastering wherever possible.

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