Our Surface Treatments section brings together our range of products both for specialist remedial treatments and what could be described as general building products ... what every builder should carry in with them.

Top of our damp proofing surface treatments is Technoseal DPM. An SBR latex based liquid damp proofing paint for water proofing applications. The paint dries to form a tough semi-gloss finish. Can be applied to walls under render or plaster as a water barrier and we believe no Builder should be without one in their van.

Our masonry protection range includes Enviroseal and a new product to the market DRYSEAL, our most advanced masonry protection product to date. Both are highly effective and Enviroseal has been an industry benchmark for many years.

Our range of floor coatings and additives includes Microsealer, a highly penetrative solution specially formulated to react with hydrated cement both at the surface and to a depth of up to 15 mm. The Silicate active ingredients form monolithic structures within the concrete which are long-lasting and durable and will improve surface wear characteristics. Technocryl 2001 is a cement additive designed for producing heavy industrial and agricultural floors, bedding grouts for machinery and repair mortars. It can be used both internally and externally in areas of continuous or intermittent water contact.

Our range of Epoxy Floor Coatings is easy to use and provide excellent finish to concrete floors, giving a hard wearing, dust free floor.

Roof-sealer Plus is a one component, UV Stable, solvent based multi-purpose roof coating Membrane. It is manufactured with fibre reinforcement pre-dispersed in the can, for ease of application.

Wykamol’s Masonry Biocides are industry leading products designed to treat masonry brickwork for Dry Rot, moulds, mosses, algae and lichen.

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