CM Floor

CM Floor


CM Floor Waterproofing Membrane

Wykamol CM Floor is a low profile membrane (3 mm studs), specially designed for fast-track sealing of damp concrete at ground floor level. there is no need for the extensive surface preperation normally required with liguid DPM systems and curing times before the floor finishes can be applied. It may also be used on basement floors where the low stud height is critical to maintain ceiling clearance and special measure can be taken to ensure the floor drains freely via drainage channels both around and across the floor.


Begin at one side of the room, against the wall membrane with the studs facing down onto the floor. Allowing for the membrane flange to overlap, cut the membrane to the desired lenght or width of the floor. Repeat this exercise unitl all lengths/widths required to cover the floor area have been cut. Roll out the next length/sheet of membrane and position the flange over the studs of the first sheet laid. Thoroughly clean the flange and the studs where the seal is to be made. Apply sealing tape to the stud area below which the flange will cover and press home onto the area between the studs.

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