Crack Sealer Plus Kit

Crack Sealer Plus Kit

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Special Features

  • Two part non-shrink, epoxy resin injection system.
  • Gels rapidly and cures within 12 hours.
  • Combines with substrate to create high
    bond strength.
  • Reduces viscosity under injection pressure
    to fill micro cracks.
  • Flexible 2mm & 4mm injection nozzles for
    ultra-fine crack injection.


  • Seal cracks in bricks, blocks, render and concrete.
  • Bond fractured masonry.
  • Fill fine cracks without injection ports.


  • Quick and easy to use brick adhesive.
  • Ideal for all types of cracked masonry.
  • Provides a waterproof seal.
  • Fills cracks from 2mm-12mm wide without injection ports.
  • Complements crack stitching for structural crack repairs.

Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is a 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive. It may be used in film thicknesses between 0.2mm and 12mm. Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is specifically formulated for reapiring fine cracks in brick, block, stone, concrete or masonry.Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is supplied in two screw cap containers, one contains the base resin the other contains the curing agent. Included is a follower plate, empty cartridge, adaptor nozzle and a flexible polymer tip.Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is a high strength cosmetic repair gap filling adhesive with low pressure crack injection. Colours available are Stone Grey and Brick Red.

Cracks and fissures should be treated by air blower or vacuum in order to remove loose or friable dust. For detailed information on injection techniques and preparation, consult our Technical Bulletin and Technical Information Sheet.

 Add the total contents of the smaller container (hardener) to the contents of the larger container (base). Mix the two pastes thoroughly, ideally using a mixing knife. Place the follower-plate onto the surface of the mixed material ensuring it fits parallel in the tub with the outer and central lip pointing upwards. Place the back end of the cartridge vertically and centrally over the hole in the follower-plate. Press the cartridge firmly and continuously down on the follower-plate until the follower-plate bottoms on the mixing tub base. Carefully remove and invert the now full cartridge. Assemble the nozzle adaptor and nozzle onto the cartridge and insert the rear plunger.

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