Dryseal Masonry Protection Cream - See it to Believe it!

The unrivalled effectiveness of Dryseal Masonry Protection Cream is dramatically highlighted in a piece of footage now available to watch in the dedicated and illuminating ‘Video’ section of our comprehensive damp proofing website.

In the video, a square area of wall has been treated with Dryseal, a product that is enjoying growing popularity as its benefits become more widely known. A gushing hosepipe is directed onto the entire wall (both untreated and treated areas), quickly revealing the power of the product - the treated area becomes clearly visible in the shape of the square it was applied in, showing how Dryseal has protected the underlying brick.

Here are the top benefits of using Dryseal Masonry Protection Cream, available now from Wykamol.

  • Fast - A single treatment can easily achieve the correct loadings as the material can be applied without any drips, penetrating immediately and achieving maximum depth within 30 mins to a couple of hours depending on the substrate’s porosity - full weather resistance is usually achieved after just one hour.

  • Versatile - The unique and innovative thixotropic consistency of Dryseal means it is suited for use with a range of building materials, from concrete and clay to bricks and natural stone. Application can be carried out with roller, brush or spray, even if the wall is already damp.

  • Effective - As the siloxane ingredient penetrates, it becomes a silicone resin that has been especially formulated to give the highest level of protection from water and pollutant absorption. The surface remains vapour-permeable once treated to allow for structural ‘breathing’ and is also protected from damage caused by salt and frost

  • Easy - No special technical knowledge is required to apply Dryseal. Simply follow the clear, detailed instructions given and take standard precautions..

  • Better - Dryseal has been proven to outperform other similar creams when tested for hydrophobic impregnation of façades. Optimised active siloxane content with highly-specialised weight distribution of molecular structures guarantees professional results, every time.

Wykamol are proud to supply Dryseal Masonry Water Repellent Cream to our customers.

19th January 2015, 16:00
Page updated 19th Jan 2015, 16:57
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