Epoxy Moulding Mortar

Epoxy Moulding Mortar



Epoxy Moulding Mortar is putty-like high build filler which can be placed in virtually any thickness or shape, with zero shrinkage.
Epoxy Moulding Mortar is epoxy putty, with proven structural strength and durability. It can be sanded, cut and drilled like timber. It is similar to Oak in hardness, when fully cured.


For filling voids in wood and stone. For bonding timber, stone, plastics and metals (subject to preparation & with priming on some materials).


Cut out all rotted, loose or flaking material and vacuum to remove dust. Really thoroughly mix the two Mouldable Epoxy Mortar components in equal parts in gloved hands. Components must be used in equal parts or curing may be prevented. Do not mix more than you can use in 10-15 minutes. Wet your gloves with water to prevent the product from sticking.

For hardwoods, (e.g. Oak, Elm), masonry, metals and plastics prime the surfaces with Epoxy Primer. Firmly place the Epoxy Moulding Mortar and pack into the void with a pallet knife or similar. Mixing & surface smoothing can be aided by using water containing a few drops of washing-up liquid. Shaping can be carried out with a knife whilst the material is damp & partially cured.

Ensure that the temperature is well above 5 degrees Centigrade, or pre-warm the materials, otherwise mixing will be difficult and curing may be delayed.

Purchasing Information

Product Codes: TREMP

Pack Size: 500cc

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