Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Primer

Epoxy PrimerEpoxy primer



EPOXY PRIMER is a liquid epoxy coating designed to provide a bond for fillers like Moulding Mortar and Masonry Repair Mortars.

EPOXY PRIMER can also be used as a coating and/or primer where contamination in the substrate might affect a water or solvent based product (e.g. chimney breasts).


EPOXY PRIMER is a honey coloured two pack epoxy liquid which can be applied to all types of timber and masonry. It does not contain solvent or water, so can be applied to difficult substrates. The surface, whilst tacky, provides a bond for other products, such as
wood fillers and concrete repair mortars.


For priming wood, stone and metal and for bonding new concrete or concrete repairs to old substrate. It has high resistance to chemical attack.


Cut out all rotted, loose or flaking material and vacuum to remove dust. Mix the two EPOXY PRIMER components very thoroughly (3 minutes min.).

Ensure that the temperature is above 5 degrees Centigrade, or pre-warm the materials, otherwise curing may be delayed or prevented. Wear disposable gloves at all times when handling epoxy products.

Apply the EPOXY PRIMER by brush to the surfaces inside the hole to be filled and whilst ‘tacky’ place the repair material.

If using as a coating, ensure that the surfaces are clean and free of contamination. Do not use externally as a final finish, as UV light will eventually discolour the surface.

Purchasing Information

Product Codes: TREP

Pack Size: 500cc

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