Epoxy Timber Pouring Grout

Epoxy Timber Pouring Grout



EPOXY TIMBER POURING GROUT is a versatile, three part epoxy grout which can be applied to all types of timber, masonry, concrete and many metals to bond them together, fill voids and inject into slots. It does not contain solvent or water. The product can be poured or injected


For pouring or injecting into voids in timber, concrete & masonry and for filling slots. For casting support pads and bearings. Also used for Timber-Grout Splice assembly (TRS).


Cut out all rotted, loose or flaking material and vacuum to remove dust. Abrade or grind as necessary to provide clean, stable surfaces free of all contaminants.

Fill any cracks or splits with our Quick Setting Wood Filler, to prevent leakage.

Mix the two liquid components first, then add the powder slowly (wear a dust mask) and mix thoroughly, using a mixing paddle in an electric drill running at low speed.

Epoxy Timber Pouring Grout can be injected using disposable 1 litre cartridge tubes, which require a 1 litre skeleton gun.

Ensure that the temperature is above 5 degrees Centigrade, or pre-warm the materials, otherwise curing may be delayed or prevented.

Purchasing Information

Product Codes: TRPG25 / TRPG75

Pack Size: 2.5 litre / 7.5 litre

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