Kontract Geotextile

Kontract Geotextile


Kontract Geotex Waterproofing Membrane

Wykamol Kontract Geotex is typically used to isolate and protect the basement structure from the surrounding soil and relieve hydrostatic pressure by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure. Wykamol Kontract Geotex provides excellent protection from root penetration and can alos increase the structures thermal insulation. Typical installations include external tanking, retaining walls, podium decks and green roof applications.


Wykamol Kontract Geotex can be applied vertically or horizontally as required. Ensure overlap of joints between sheets of 450 mm vertical and 150 mm horizontal (the geotextile can be pulled back to allow studs to overlap). When fixing horizontally, place the lower sheet first. Use Wykamol Tape to seal the joints at the overlap.

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