Kontract Mesh

Kontract Mesh


Kontract Mesh Plaster Membrane

Kontract Mesh is a high density polyethylene membrane, incorporating 8 mm studs which allows the isolation of wet walls above and below ground.

it incorporates a tough HDPE mesh lathing welded to the front face to allow the direct application of various plaster finishes or adhesive 'dabs' and plasterboard.


Kontract Mesh is fixed to the wall by drilling through the membrane stud to a depth of 50 or 70 mm using an 8 mm drill bit, and gently hammering home the Wykamol Plaster Plugs with seal to form a waterproof seal between fixing and the membrane sufrace. Alternatively, Wykamol Plaster Plugs with Wykamol Rope around the shaft can be used.

Intervals between plug fixings should be no greater than 250 mm to ensure a tight fix to the wall. Near lap joints and where surface is uneven, the centres should be less than 250 mm. When fixing the membrane it is essential to keep the sheet tight to the furface of the wall at all times.

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