Microtech Pressure Injection Fluid

Microtech Pressure Injection Fluid


Key Features:

  • A concentrated solvent - free microemulsion
    damp proof course system.
  • Advanced silicone microemulsion technology.
  • Fast injection rates (low surface tension).
  • Rapid curing.
  • Virtually odourless.

Microtech PIF is a self-emulsifying silane / alkylalkoxy siloxane blended concentrate which produces a silicone microemulsion on dilution with water. Suitable for use by pressure injection for the control of rising damp in masonry above ground level provided that walls are not heavily impregnated with hygroscopic salts.

All treatments should be in accordance with BS 6576: 1985 (Code of Practice for the Installation of Chemical Damp Proof Courses). In particular the inserted damp proof course should be below the level of timber floor unless prevented by structural considerations (such floors should also be inspected due to the risk of fungal decay).

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