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Installation Guidelines for Membranes

Wykamol bring to you the ultimate guide which you can use when installing a membrane or carrying out a basement conversion. The guide shows you how to effectively install the membrane in the correct manner.

In the past it was commonly known to use cement based renders, known as basement tanking this is actually becoming less reliable as water table levels rise and bring increased hydrostatic pressure to bear on properties.

Now new methods use a polyethylene sheet material, a membrane which providing that the substrate is suitable it can be directly applied with little preparation to the walls. Wykamol are making this guide available to all of our contractors, either to act as a reminder or even to talk them through step by step the actual install of a membrane.

Take a look at our full range of membrane products, it is important that you pick the right one for your project as no two basements are the same.

The final choice which determines which membrane that you select comes down to:

  • The finish required
  • The anticipated flow rate

By the end of the installation guide you will have achieved a dry and well insulated living area. However because basement conversion and basement tanking is something which should never been taken lightly it is extremely important that the membrane is correctly installed by approved contractors.

You can view the installation guide right here or download it here.



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