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Black Mould Removal

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Positive Input Ventilation System....a cost effective, energy efficient method of displacing stale contaminated air and replacing it with fresh filtered air

Black Mould growth is a typical consequence of condensation problems in a home. Moulds are often most severe in room corners and on external walls. This is mainly because insufficient ventilation creates pockets of stagnant air in such corners

The Problem

Every dwelling, irrespective of its construction, contains within its fabric mould spores which are dormant and completely harmless. However, given the right conditions these spores will germinate resulting in extensive growths of disfiguring black mould (Aspergillus Niger).

Mould needs very little nutrient and will grow on walls and ceilings irrespective of the decorative finish. Mould spores will also spread into the air which can be a serious health risk, and give off an obnoxious musty smell. Clothes, furnishings and carpets can also be destroyed by unsightly mould.

Wykamol Group have a wide range of products for the building repair professional to tackle the causes and symptoms of Black Mould growth in properties.

Mould Eradication Kit


A full multipurpose kit providing everything you need to deal with mould problems. Comes supplied with cleaning agent, all equipment and paint additives to treat and clean mould issues in domestic properties. The kit is available for both professional amd amateur use with the HSE.

Additional products in our Mould Eradication range include MCS1 Mould Clear Concentrate, MCS3 Fungicidal Additive and Anti Condensation Coating.

Ventilation Units


Positive Input Ventilation Systems are an energy efficient method of displacing stale contaminated air and replacing it with fresh filtered air. Fresh air is drawn from outside via the loft space through a filter on the unit and delivered into a central location in your home.

This displaces vapour-laden air, which lowers humidity levels, cures condensation and eradicates mould.

  • Whole House Ventilation
  • Streaming Windows - Stopped
  • Enhanced Heat Distribution

The Wykamol Homevent unit is an industry leading example and runs continuously except when the loft temperature rises above 25°C when the unit will switch off, as this hot incoming air would be uncomfortable.When the air temperature falls below 25°C, the unit will switch back on.

Additional ventilation units in our range include Envirovent, KHRV150, Trackmaster and Kalahari Loft Unit.


To order any of our products to treat Black Mould problems in your property then contact our sales office team on 0845 400 6666 or e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com


To request a local Wykamol Approved Installer to review your black mould problem and to quote for the work please complete this form.

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