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Basement Waterproofing Association members Wykamol Waterproofing and Advance Property Preservations collaborate to make a winning team in a Putney waterproofing basement conversion project.

Basement conversions and new build projects have seen significant growth in recent years as homeowners look to capitalise on space below ground, with particular spikes in the Fulham and Wandsworth areas of London as property values continue to increase.

Advance Property Preservations is a Basement Waterproofing Association member and a registered installer of Wykamol products. The Putney project involved the development of a new build basement under an existing property in the increasingly popular SW postcode area of London.

The project utilised Wykamol’s cavity drain membrane systems with 8mm wall drainage membrane and 20mm membrane to floors as well as a full drainage management system. Wykamol have been involved from the outset and have worked closely with Advance Property Preservations and provided on-site technical help as well as liaising with the architect on the project to design a full BBA accredited waterproofing system.

Commenting on the project, Andrew Latimer, Wykamol’s Sales Director commented; "Getting involved at the beginning of the project enables us to design dual waterproofing systems into the scheme which conform to BS 8102 - the current code of practice within the waterproofing sector."

"Along with our registered installers, the client is able to be given an insurance backed guarantee to satisfy mortgage requirements."

The pictures showing the project clearly demonstrate how Simon Wooton and the Advance Property Preservations have made this project a complete success.

The Basement Water Proofing Association is the trade representative organisation for registered manufacturers, suppliers and contractors in the UK of tanking products, such as cavity drain membranes for protection of basement and cellar structures against water from the ground.

A diverse membership includes industry leaders in the design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of effective basement tanking schemes. Such expertise, research and innovation are central to the Associations philosophy of knowledge transfer based on world class capabilities in applied basement waterproofing systems.

21st September 2016, 10:30
Page updated 21st Sep 2016, 11:34
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