Quickdrying Wood Filler Paste

Quickdrying Wood Filler Paste




Wood Filler Paste is a two-part unsaturated polyester adhesive wood filler designed to bond materials together and be cured and fully workable in less than 30 minutes.

Wood Filler Paste can be applied directly from the pack as filler in any thickness or as an adhesive down to 2mm.


Wood Filler Paste is a pine/cream coloured base/white catalyst two pack polyester paste, which can be applied to all types of timber, masonry and many metals. The product can be surface applied or used as a gap filler.


For timber face to timber face and plastic shutter sealing.

For bonding timber, stone and metal and for filling cracks in timber and masonry.


Remove all loose or flaking material and brush or vacuum to remove dust. Abrade or grind as necessary to provide clean, stable surfaces free of all contaminants.

Mix the PASTE with a small bead of (white or pink) catalyst thoroughly with a stiff, square edged pallet knife. Ensure that the temperature is above 5 degrees Centigrade, or pre-warm the materials, otherwise curing may be delayed.

Either, apply the paste to both surfaces to be bonded, or place with a knife into the void to be filled

Purchasing Information

Product Codes: TRWFP

Pack Size: 500cc

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