Resin Bonded Ties

Resin Bonded Ties


Remedial Wall Ties For Repair to Cavity Walls

Thor Helical Resin Bonded Wall Ties

Resin Bonded ties are widely accepted to provide a good fixing to most substrates, ideal for where the quality of the substrates are in doubt. The Thor Double Resin Tie manufactured from 5mm Austenetic 304 grade stainless steel bar has a thread at each end with a nut to centre the ties in place and retain the resin and a neoprene drip.

All bars are 5mm thick and come in 175mm, 200mm and 225mm lengths. Use either Polyester Resin or Epoxy Acrylate Resin to bond.

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Product Codes

B/NUT/ORING175 5MM X 175MM Resin Bonded Tie
B/NUT/ORING/200 5MM X 200MM Resin Bonded Tie
B/NUT/ORING/225 5MM X 225MM Resin Bonded Tie
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