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Timber Treatments


Wykamol Timber Treatments

Our traditional building methods combined wth a predominantly damp, temperate climate causes the UK housing stock to suffer some of the highest levels of risk from insect and fungal attack to structural timbers. It is considered 'good practice' in building design to pre-treat timber with preservatives as a lifetime precaution against dry rot or woodworm.

Unfortunately, most traditional buildings (and a lot of relatively modern ones too) do not have the benefit of such protection and this, combined with poor maintenance, leads to many cases of timber decay being identified during housing surveys.

Timber Treatment Products

Wykamol Group have been manufacturing Timber Treatment Products, which includes Woodworm Treatment Products and Dry Rot Treatments since 1934 and are recognised across the industry as providing high quality products proven over many years. Our own products are manufactured under an ISO900:2008 quality management system and are approved for use by the HSE.

The timber treatment Product ranges includes Microtech a unique microemulsion which gives 1 hour re-entry time, Aquatech highly concentrated microemulsion in soluble sachets with a 1 hour re-entry time and the Wykabor range of products based on disodium octaborate. In addition our Wykamol Plus and Woodtreat Paste are longstanding, effective products which are industry benchmarks.

In addition, Wykamol Group supply a range of Industrial Timber Treatments into the pre-treatment and joinery markets. Along with our own product formulations such as Wykabor Wood Preservative, Wykabor DB and Wykabor Cut End we are also suppliers of the Dr. Wolman range of timber preservation products for the pre-treatment and joinery industries.

To compliment our timber treatments, Wykamol Group also sell a complete range of timber repair products for the remedial repair of timbers. Along with the Protimeter range of survey equipment and a complete range of installation equipment. Wykamol can provide you with all your needs for timber treatments and repair.

For the householder, The Wykamol Approved Contractor Scheme gives the homeowner peace of mind. Wykamol Approved Contractors are quality conscious, service orientated companies who have applied for Wykamol Approved Contractor status. Wykamol's Technical Managers physically inspect the sites , offices and workmanship of applicants (and members) on an ongoing basis, to check and approve them against strict criteria. Once a member, Wykamol Approved Contractors must also attend regular training sessions to ensure they keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Click here to see further information on the scheme or here to find an Approved Contractor.

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