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January 2017 Case Study

This January our approved contractors are working hard all over the country to expand living spaces and waterproof homes. One of our Technical Managers, Steven Evans has been lucky enough to consult on an exciting project in Derbyshire, where two of our BBA Approved products have been used: the Sureproof membrane and our CM8 system.

The home, which was originally a 3-bedroom house has been extended both above and below ground, adding an extra 2 bedrooms and a cinema room onto the original structure.

As a working farm, this property is surrounded by extensive fields and the homeowners are certainly not short on potential building space, yet they decided to enlarge their property with a combination of above and below-ground structures. 

We take it for granted that new build basements are most commonly undertaken in urban areas, where land is sparse. However, new build basements are also an excellent way to expand the living space in your home if you live in a rural area. The Planning Authority often restricts homeowners when extending their property by only allowing them to cover less than 50% of the surrounding land with extensions.

If other homeowners overlook your property, the guidelines become even more restrictive. However, since extending your property below ground-level has no aesthetic effect on the surrounding countryside, new build basements are fast becoming a popular way of increasing the living space in their homes, especially in sensitive conservation and strict planning areas.

McCane Construction completed the entire project on the Derbyshire based home. ‘With over 60 years’ combined experience on domestic and commercial projects’, McCane Construction have an excellent reputation and are members of the PCA. Project Manager Andy Berry (CSSW) and Wykamol’s Steven Evans combined their expertise to design a waterproofing system for the basement using Wykamol products.

Sureproof, one of our newest products, was used on the exterior of the basement. It’s resistance to ground water and it’s tough yet flexible properties make it perfect for waterproofing the exterior of below ground-level structures.  It also has a self-adhesive layer allowing for quick and easy application.

The Wykamol CM8 system was used internally on both the floors and walls as it allows for large capacity drainage, which is ideal for below-ground level structures like this farmhouse basement.

When combined with drainage channels around the perimeter of the basement and a Wykamol Sump System, the CM8 membrane acts as both a waterproofing and damp proofing product.

A ventilation system was also installed to prevent condensation in the brand-new cinema room. 

This waterproofing design complies with BS8102, allowing Wykamol to issue a long term, insurance backed guarantee to the Derbyshire homeowner.

Nothing less than what we would expect from contractors installing our BBA Approved, Wykamol products.

18th January 2017, 15:00
Page updated 24th Jan 2017, 09:11
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