Thor Lateral Restraint System Restores Historic Grammar School

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The Wykamol Group proudly produce the Thor Lateral Restraint System, a precision-engineered method of securely re-tying walls to structural timbers. Recently, more than 200 of these innovative lateral restraints have been used as part of an extensive renovation project at Penistone Grammar School in South Yorkshire.

Penistone Grammar School was established way back in 1392. Rebuilt and relocated several times, the current building was built in 1892 and now accommodates more than 1,500 students in its state-of-the-art facilities. As part of routine inspections, evidence of bulging brickwork was discovered and was immediately reported to main contractor and specialist construction company Ratcliffe Ltd. More detailed inspection by Ratcliffe revealed that a lack of connection between stonework and internal timbers was responsible for the damage and that immediate repair was required.

It was essential that the work be carried out as sympathetically as possible to the building and also cause minimal disruption to the daily running of the school. The Thor system from Wykamol was perfect as it would instantly replace the outdated and intrusive method of inserting heavy-duty pattress plates, tie bars and poorly-affixed lateral restraint straps to strengthen walls, and is able to offer vastly-improved levels of reliability, cost-effectiveness, durability and non-intrusive repair and renovation. The 8mm stainless steel rods, which feature an innovative, self-tapping woodscrew at one end to facilitate driving into timber, provide instant, lasting stability and an almost invisible finish.

The renovation project at the historic Penistone Grammar School is ongoing and we look forward to receiving and sharing further updates about the essential project. To find out more about the Thor Lateral Restrain System, please call a member of our expert team on +44 (0) 845 4006666 or email

9th July 2014, 11:49
Page updated 9th Jul 2014, 12:32
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