Wykamol Flatvent Pro

Wykamol Flatvent Pro

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The FLATVENT PRO range has been curing severe condensation problems for over 20 years in some of the worst affected properties throughout the world.

Its successful operation depends entirely upon the unit being installed strictly in accordance with these instructions. We would, therefore, respectfully suggest that you read through this guide in its entirety before commencing installation and then go through this guide step by step to ensure a satisfactory completion.

Whilst the installation of the Flatvent unit may be achieved by a suitable craftsman, the provision of the electrical supply and the connection of the unit to the mains must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

The unit has a 5 year warranty starting from the day of delivery and includes parts and labour for the first year. The remaining 4 years covers parts only.

This warranty is conditional on the following:

  1. That the unit is installed strictly in accordance with this guide.
  2. That the unit filters are removed and cleaned or replaced at the recommended intervals.

The unit represents a significant financial outlay on the part of the user/specifier and the unique 5 year warranty is important to them. We make a point of advising them that the installer is provided with detailed instructions regarding installation/guarantee registration and therefore has the responsibility of ensuring that the unit is guaranteed for the user/specifier.

The unit is designed to take fresh air from outside, clean the air, warm it (if fitted with heater) and discharge it into the central hallway via a system of ducting supplied by the installer. The dwelling internal air discharge grille is usually installed at high level in a central location within the hallway, although discharging the air down the length of the hallway (away from the front door) should also prove acceptable. Unit performance may be enhanced if an existing heat source can warm the discharged air eg. by locating the discharge grille above a radiator.

Before commencing installation decide the best position for the unit and where the fresh air input air is to come from and be discharged to. The unit can be installed in many different configurations and is supplied with enough interchangeable spigots to enable it to be used with either round (100mm) or rectangular ducting (121mm x 60mm). The unit can be turned through 180o to any angle if required.

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