Wykamol Plus

Wykamol Plus


Special Properties

  • Deep penetration into hard and softwood timbers.
  • Highly effective against fungi and insect attack.
  • Suitable for pressure injection into large timbers.

Wykamol Plus is a ready to use organic solvent-based insecticide/fungicide wood preservative for the eradication of wood-boring insects and to give protection from fungal decay during the drying period after eliminating sources of dampness.

Note:  Where residual solvent (white-spirit) vapours may be unacceptable alternative water-based systems (various) should be considered.


All bats are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Before treating any structure used by bats, consult English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Country Council for Wales, or the department of environment for Northern Ireland.

a) Beetle infestations

Ensure that all timbers to be treated are adequately exposed and cleaned (vacuum cleaning preferred). Any paint or varnish finishes or any severely damaged sapwood edges of timbers (frass’) should be removed prior to treatment where possible.

Remove thermal insulation in roof spaces (or roll up and completely cover) and do not reinstate until the timbers are dry. Cover fitted insulation (lagging on pipes) with polythene and cover water storage tanks with heavy grade polythene to be left in situ for at least 2 weeks after treatment. Isolate electrical circuits in the treatment area during and for 48 hours after treatment and ensure that junction boxes etc. are adequately protected against the ingress of the fluid. Remove or cover all foodstuffs before application as well as fish tanks/bowls. Do not use on beehives or beekeeping equipment or apply to surfaces on which food is prepared.

Where applicable, notify occupants of adjoining properties before treatments commence. Display Safety Notices conspicuously during treatment and leave on site after treatment for at least 48 hours. Use only flame proof portable lighting equipment and ensure that this and any other electrical equipment is in good order.

b) Fungal Decay – Wet Rot

As a) above plus – locate and rectify the source of dampness. Cut out all structurally unsound timbers and make repairs isolating timbers where possible from damp masonry etc.

c) Fungal Decay – Dry Rot

As a) and b) above plus – the ability of Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) to spread through masonry/concrete structures may necessitate the treatment of infected walls/floors. Overall details are given in the Microtech Biocide, Wykabor 10 and Brunosol Concentrate 6x data sheet.


FLAMMABLE – Do not apply in the presence of naked flames, hot surfaces or unprotected electrical equipment. A suitable fire extinguisher (dry powder/BDF) should be at the area being treated at all times. Wear suitable protective clothing (coveralls), synthetic rubber/PVC gauntlets and face/respiratory protection when applying.

If decanting liquid from larger drums, ensure containers are properly labelled during use and in storage. Wykamol Plus can be applied by brush or coarse spray (low pressure: 210-350 kPa, 30-50 p.s.i.) or by dipping/immersion (minimum 3 minutes; particularly recommended for exposed end grain or replacement timbers) to achieve the coverage noted below. In the case of ‘pockets’ of fungal decay and/or death watch beetle (Xetobium rufovillosum) attack in large dimension timbers, treatment can be supplemented by injectors or the use of Woodtreat Paste (see separate data sheet).

Further detailed advice is given in the BWPDA Code of Practice for Remedial Treatment.

Provide adequate ventilation during and after treatments and maintain as long as possible after re-occupation.


As long as timbers are dry, re-occupation by unprotected persons etc. can take place 48 hours after treatments are completed. Floor coverings should not be laid for at least 14 days (or longer for certain sensitive floor materials, e.g. foambacked carpets etc.) In all cases, use lining papers to protect coverings from direct contact with timbers.

Treated timbers can be overcoated when dry with a range of decorative/protective paints etc., if required. Do not leave materials or empty drums on site on completion of treatments.

Additional Information:

  • FOR USE ONLY AS A WOOD PRESERVATIVE (professional use only).
  • HSE Approval Number 7303
  • Manufactured under a quality system complying with BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

Further information and advice is freely available from the Wykamol Technical Department. For general guidance consult the HSE Guidance consult the HSE Guidance Note “Remedial Timber Treatment in Buildings” (HSE Books, ISBN 0-11-885987-0).

Purchasing Information

Product Code: WYKPLUS25L

Pack Size: 25 Litres

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